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Our Challenge

Our Challenge

Japan maintains one of the lowest neonatal mortality rates in the World today.
Atom Medical has the largest share of the Japanese market for infant incubators.
This overwhelming share is supported by our strong determination and technological development capabilities.

"Comfortable environment for newborn babies""Provide people involved in neonatal care and nursing with an easy-to-handle product".
"For things we can do, we will do everything we can. For things we cannot do, we will create a way to make it possible".
Atom Medical's infant incubators feature the characteristics of "temperature control", "humidification", "oxygen administration", "ease of observation", "infection prevention", and "quietness", that have been made possible as a result of our determined efforts.
The following demonstrate our commitment to technology.

Neonatal mortality rate


Temperature Control

Management of environmental temperature is crucial to protect low birth weight (LBW) infants

Maintaining appropriate body temperature takes a lot of energy for newborns who have immature heat-regulation systems, this is especially true of LBW. An environment in which temperatures are not stable is stressful for such newborns. Infant incubators are required to maintain stable optimum environmental temperature.

Atom Medical's infant incubators allow temperatures to be set in 0.1°C increments. An incubator automatically and precisely maintains its interior at a set temperature.
In addition, the front and back of the hood (a transparent cover on the top of the main body) that has a double-wall structure minimizes drops in infants' body temperature. An air curtain is formed by the flow of warm clean air inside the double wall. The air curtain prevents ambient air from entering the incubator, maintaining the temperature inside the incubator even when the snap-open access ports are opened.

The air curtain minimizes drops in the incubator air temperature.

visualization experiment of airflow

The air curtain minimizes drops in the incubator air temperature.

We have been commended for being meticulous about reducing temperature drops in our incubators. However, we’re still not satisfied with our current achievements.
How much value do we place on temperature control, which is a critical function of infant incubators? How meticulous do we want to be?

"We want to be meticulous in all respects" is Atom Medical's answer to these questions.



Provides an adequately humidified environment for LBW infants

Newborns immediately after birth are at risk of being affected by falling body temperature and the loss of moisture through evaporation from their skin.
High levels or moisture is also lost from the respiratory tract, therefore LBW infants can become more susceptible to respiratory complications and infection.
It is therefore necessary to provide a warm humid environment to protect LBW infants.
However, an infant incubator that always draws in air from the outside tends to provide a dry environment due to the difference in temperatures inside and outside the incubator.

For this reason, we introduced a steam system with a structurally designed humidity chamber so that users can quickly adjust the humidity inside the incubator to a specified level.
As a result, it is now possible to maintain high humidification - a state with relative humidity over 90% - with the interior of the incubator kept at a high temperature.
All components (e.g., humidity chamber) of the humidification circuit are removable and can be easily cleaned and disinfected. For that reason, our incubators are highly regarded by clinicians.

The humidity chamber can be detached and easily cleaned.
The humidity chamber can be detached
and easily cleaned.


Oxygen administration

Provides precise concentrations of oxygen to premature babies with immature lung function.

Oxygen is essential to sustain human life.
LBW infants with immature lung function receive smaller amounts of oxygen through breathing, require increased respiratory effort, and use more energy as a result.

By providing an environment with an oxygen concentration that is higher than normal, it is possible to reduce the amount of energy required by the infant to breathe. As a matter of course, the administration of excessive oxygen may generate harmful effects.
It is important to keep the appropriate oxygen levels constant according to each infant's condition.

Therefore, we developed a precise flow controller (Mass Flow Valve) that enables users to carefully control oxygen concentration.

The oxygen controller sets the concentration level of oxygen.The oxygen controller automatically controls the necessary oxygen flow rate to maintain the set concentration of oxygen.
The oxygen controller sets the concentration level of
The oxygen controller automatically controls the
necessary oxygen flow rate to maintain the set
concentration of oxygen.



Ensure ease of observation is vital for
care and communication with family members
in every respect.

As LBW infants are often kept inside a high temperature, high humidity incubator, the inner wall of the hood often becomes fogged with condensation, which reduces visibility. This makes it difficult to observe the infants through the hood, or care for them.
However, the environmental conditions inside the incubator cannot become stable if the hood is opened to observe the infant's condition every time it becomes obscured due to condensation.

Atom Medical's infant incubator reduces condensation forming on the inner wall of the hood due to the hood’s structure, as well as the fact that air circulated by the air curtain flows along the walls creating the visibility required to observe infants and provide them with medical attention.
The trend graph feature visualizing the environment inside the incubator enables you to observe changes in temperature, humidity, oxygen level, and body temperature in one display screen.
These innovations and features are important not only for healthcare professionals but also for family members to help them communicate with their infants.

Trend graph feature Display can be switched in 1-, 3-, 6-, 12-, or 24-hour increments.
Trend graph feature Display can be
switched in 1-, 3-, 6-, 12-, or 24-hour


Infection prevention

Innovation to reduce infection risks

Infectious diseases pose a major threat to LBW infants. Reducing infection risks is the most basic aspect of care for newborn babies.
However, opportunities to access the inside of the incubator to administer nutrition, change diapers and linen, and measure body weight provide a perfect opportunity for infection to spread.
A warm and comfortable environment for LBW infants in an incubator is also an environment where bacteria are easily prone to develop at the same time.

Atom Medical's innovation is designed to reduce infection risks inside the incubator keeping the infant safe.
Our infant incubator always intakes clean air into the cabin thanks to a sophisticated filter.
The sanitary structure can be easily cleaned, helps to keep the incubator clean and protects infants against infection risks.

Electrostatic filter
Electrostatic filter – The Cleanliness of the filter is visible from outside the incubator.
Sanitary structure to facilitate easy cleaning of the unit
Sanitary structure to facilitate easy cleaning of the unit



Designed for the purpose of the optimum balance between performances and lesser noise.

We believe that a quiet environment is very important for babies.
A level of noise that may be normal for adults may create a sense of anxiety and discomfort in LBW who were born before they were fully developed, and this may cause stress.

Atom Medical's infant incubators are designed to suppress operation noises generated during temperature control and humidification, and noises generated when operating admittance panels, which can cause stress in infants.
The opening and closing mechanism of each admittance panel has a rotary damper designed to open the panel slowly even if you release the panel.

Some people ask why we insist on such fine details.
Unexpected loud sounds create stress in people. This is exacerbated in infants.
If babies are subjected to unexpected and loud sounds many times in a day, how can they grow properly?
It was only natural for us to create such fine details with our products to ease the burden on people who protect and care for babies at rest.

The rotary damper
The rotary damper helps ensure quiet operation of the
admittance panels so they can open slowly and silently.

Continuous innovation of technologyto bring better incubators to the world

We are meticulous about every single detail of our infant incubators in order to create products that are unique to Atom Medical.
We continually strive to create better products and develop new and innovative ideas. If a product or function doesn’t currently exist, we create it. We enhance sensitivity, pursue ideas and technologies, and break through our limits.
We produce safer, more comfortable, and easier-to-use infant incubators for newborns and those who observe and care for them. There is no compromise or limit to our progress.