Progress of neonatal care in Japan, and Atom Medical

In the 1950’s the neonatal mortality rates were very high in Japan.
How to keep it low was a challenge, it became a nationwide effort to save new lives born into this world.

Atom Medical's history of research and development of infant incubators was part of this effort to improve neonatal care in Japan.
We have built trust and a domestic market share of over 85% by pursuing quality and functionality and improvement.
Development continues to proceed.

  • Source: Overview of Vital Statistics (final figures) 2020, Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare

Atom Medical's infant incubators
have chosen by customers in Japan
where the neonatal mortality rate
is low.
Our next target is the world market.
As a leading manufacturer of
infant incubators,
we continue to support the birth of new lives all over the world.

  • *The percentage ratio of birth facilities in Japan is hospitals 53% and clinics 47%.
    In clinics, obstetrics and gynecology specialists provide neonatal care for newborns. Atom Medical's infant incubators play a significant role in clinics that manage deliveries, in addition to NICUs, and are gaining trust from obstetrics and gynecology specialists as well as neonatologists.

Atom Medical
by the numbers

  • Launched more than
    80 years ago

    Founded in 1938

  • No. 1 in the domestic market for infant incubators * Surveyed by Atom Medical

    Has over 85%
    market share

  • Number of products managed

    Over 2,500

  • Overseas business locations

    5 business locations

  • Number of countries with
    Atom Medical product users

    Over 90