To Save a Tiny Baby Life This is the interminable objective of Atom Medical Corporation.

In human history, the greatest event is the birth of life, which is an ongoing phenomenon. How much can we contribute to the birth of new lives? Atom Medical has grappled with this question since becoming the first company in Japan to develop the modern incubator.

By setting life, an irreplaceable fundamental, as a theme, we strive to bring tenderness to lives using technology. Atom Medical will continue to progress and develop in line with the advancement of medical technology.

To Save a Tiny Baby Life

We produce more comfortable and easier-to-use infant incubators for newborns and those who observe and care for them. There is no compromise or limit to our progress.

"To save a tiny baby's life"
That unswerving commitment means that we are always striving to make our incubators even better, to refine their performance, and enhance their capabilities.

Our Challenge

"Temperature control", "Humidification",
"Oxygen administration", "Ease of observation",
"Infection prevention", and "Quietness"