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  1. What are Cookies

    Cookies are text files sent from a website and stored in your web browser when you access a website. By using cookies, the website recognises your browser and functions correctly. Cookies also help to improve the functionality of the website.

  2. Types of cookies we use

    The website maintained by our company (hereinafter referred to as "Our Site") uses the following types of cookies. None of these cookies contains information that can identify a specific individual.

    1. Strictly necessary cookies

      Strictly necessary cookies are technically essential for Our Site to function properly and efficiently. Without these cookies, we are unable to provide you with the functionality that meets your request, such as navigating between the pages.

    2. Performance cookies

      Performance cookies help us improve the usability of Our Site by gathering and analysing statistical information, such as the number of visitors and how visitors navigate Our Site.
       We use Google Analytics cookies to gather and analyse data on how visitors use Our Site. For more information on Google Analytics cookies, please check the following URL.

  3. Details of cookies used on Our Site

    Details of the cookies we use on Our Site are listed below.

    Name of Cookie Purpose of Use Storage Duration Type of Cookie
    ga-disable Records consents to use cookies 1 years Strictly Necessary Cookie
    __ga Distinguishes users from others 2 years Analysis and Statistic Cookies
    _ga_CHTYF5N3MS Distinguishes users from others 2 years
    _gat_UA-40796653-3 Controls the request rates 1 minute
    _gid Distinguishes users from others 24 hours
  4. Consent to the use of cookies

    Cookies other than strictly necessary cookies (performance cookies) will be only used if you consent to our use of cookies in a pop-up notification displayed on your first visit to Our Site that uses such cookies.
    All cookies, including strictly necessary cookies, can also be disabled by changing the settings on your browser. Please refer to the following links for information on managing cookie settings in major browsers.

    Please visit the browser developer's website to find information related to browsers other than those listed above.
    To opt-out of being tracked by Google Analytics across all websites, please visit the following:

  5. Other

    This policy may be revised as needed, and all changes will be reflected on this site. For our use of cookies, please keep yourself updated with the latest information. For inquiries, please contact us at the contact address provided in the Privacy Policy.

GDPR Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy solely applies to the processing of personal data subject to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679) and the General Data Protection Regulation as incorporated into UK law under EU Law 2018 (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "GDPR").

  1. Purpose of this Privacy Policy

    This Privacy Policy applies to the manufacture and sale of medical equipment (obstetric and gynecological equipment, equipment for newborn and infant, infusion equipment, respiratory apparatus, equipment for nursing wards, and disposable medical products) and other equipment, and other services (hereinafter referred to as the "Services") provided by Atom Medical Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "We," Us," "Our," or "Our Company"), and the purpose of this policy is to outline how we process (e.g., collect, use, store, and disclose by transmission) personal data of identified or identifiable users of the Services located in the EEA or the United Kingdom (hereinafter referred to as "Personal Data") in the course of managing, operating or providing the Services as a data controller.

    We respect the privacy rights of individuals and comply with GDPR and other data protection and privacy-related laws and regulations.

  2. Legal Basis for Processing Personal Data

    We process Personal Data only as permitted by relevant laws or regulations (in particular, the GDPR).
    When we process Personal Data, we rely on at least one legal basis.

    Below we summarize (a) the purposes for processing Personal Data, (b) the types of Personal Data, and (c) the legal basis for processing Personal Data.

    (a) Purposes for Processing Personal Data (b) Types of Personal Data (c) Legal Basis
    1. Identification of customers of the Services
    • ・Full name
    • ・Address
    • ・Phone number
    • ・E-mail address etc.
    Performance of Contracts, Legitimate Interests
    2. Provision of the Services (sales, delivery, maintenance, and communication of precautions for use)
    • ・Full name
    • ・Address
    • ・Phone number
    • ・E-mail address etc.
    Performance of Contracts
    3. Responding to inquiries via our website
    • ・Full name
    • ・Address
    • ・E-mail address etc.
    Legitimate Interests
    4. Procurement of parts, etc. from suppliers and other communications with business partners
    • ・Full name
    • ・Address
    • ・Phone number
    • ・E-mail address etc.
    Performance of Contracts
    5. Confirmation of status on patents we have applied for
    • ・Full name
    • ・Patent firm
    • ・E-mail address etc.
    Legitimate Interests
    6. Communication with certification bodies regarding product certification
    • ・Full name
    • ・Organization
    • ・E-mail address etc.
    Legitimate Interests
    7. Communication with Academic Societies
    • ・Full name
    • ・Academic society
    • ・E-mail address etc.
    Legitimate Interests
    8. Maintenance of equipment
    • ・Full name of patient
    • ・Address of patient
    • ・Date of birth of the patient
    • ・Injury and illness of the patient
    Legitimate Interests
    9. Notification of seminars and other events
    • ・Full name
    • ・Business office
    • ・Phone number
    • ・E-mail address etc.
    10. Management of employees
    • ・Full name
    • ・Address
    • ・Phone number
    • ・Date of birth
    • ・Nationality
    • ・E-mail address etc.
    Performance of Contracts
    11. Proper display of our website
    • ・IP address
    • ・Cookie or similar technology
    Legitimate Interests

    For more information on Cookie, please refer to the Cookie Policy of Our Company.

  3. Sources of Personal Data

    In addition to acquiring Personal Data directly from the customers, etc., we obtain Personal Data indirectly through third parties concerning the following information.

    1. Full name, address, injury and disease, and other information of patients
      When we perform maintenance work on medical equipment used by medical institutions, we obtain patients’ Personal Data stored in such equipment.
    2. Full name of the patent attorney etc., and information of patent firm
      We obtain the information from patent firm in Japan.
  4. Sharing and Disclosing of Personal Data

    If the third party does not store data in the EU, the UK or Japan, we take appropriate measures in accordance with the standard contract clauses approved by the European Commission.
    In addition, we use the following services in managing Personal Data.

    1. Microsoft Azure (Microsoft Corporation)
      We use the cloud service to manage Personal Data.
      The privacy policy of Microsoft Corporation is available below.
    2. One Drive (Microsoft Corporation)
      We use the cloud storage service to manage Personal Data.
      The privacy policy of Microsoft Corporation is available below.
    3. Microsoft Outlook (Microsoft Corporation)
      We use the cloud service as e-mail software.
      The privacy policy of Microsoft Corporation's is available below.
  5. Retention Period of Personal Data

    We retain users' Personal Data only for as long as is necessary to achieve the purposes of the processing. The specific period of retention will be determined by taking into account the purpose for acquiring and processing Personal Data, the nature of the Personal Data, and the legal or business requirement for retaining the Personal Data.

  6. Legal Rights of the User

    The user has the following rights concerning Personal Data if specific requirements are met.

    1. To request access to Personal Data: The user may receive a copy of Personal Data held by us and check the status of lawful processing of Personal Data.
    2. To request correction of Personal Data: If the relevant Personal Data is incomplete or inaccurate, the user may request that such information be corrected. However, we may request to prove the accuracy of the newly corrected information.
    3. To request deletion of Personal Data: If there are no legitimate reasons for us to continue processing Personal Data, the user may request that the relevant Personal Data be deleted. However, we may not be able to comply with the user's request if there are specific legal grounds.
    4. To make objections to improper Processing of Personal Data: The user may object to the processing of the relevant Personal Data.
    5. To restrict the processing of Personal Data: The user may request that the processing of Personal Data be suspended.
    6. To request the data portability of Personal Data: The user may receive Personal Data in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format or request to have such data transferred to another controller without hindrance by us.
    7. To withdraw consent to process Personal Data: The withdrawal of consent by the user shall not affect the lawfulness of the processing carried out before such withdrawal. If the user withdraws consent, we may not be able to provide certain products or services to the user. If this is the case, we will advise the user at the time of the withdrawal.

    The user may lodge an objection with the data protection supervisory authority of the Member State of the user's residence. However, we would prefer to address any issues first before the user contacts the relevant supervisory authority.

  7. Children's Use

    We will not intentionally collect Personal Data from users under the age of 16 without the consent of a person with parental authority or other legal representatives (hereinafter referred to as "Person with Parental Authority"). If a person under 16 years of age wishes to use the Services, we will request the consent of the Person with Parental Authority in a manner specified by us.

  8. Contact Information

    Please contact us below if you have any questions or inquiries regarding this Privacy Policy. We would appreciate it if you would first contact us when making an inquiry.

    Address: Via Libia, 54, 20081 ABBIATEGRASSO (MI) - ITALY
    Tel: +39 02 9466329

    Address: Rose Villa Close Lane, Alsager, Stoke On Trent, Cheshire, ST7 2TS
    Tel: +44 7765 008634

  9. Updates to the Privacy Policy

    We may update this Privacy Policy from time to time. The latest version is available on our website.