Importance of Maintenance and Inspection

If any problems occur during use of an infant incubator, transferring the infant concerned or replacing the infant incubator will place a huge burden on the infant.
Furthermore, it will cause a backlog of therapeutic practice and impede the delivery of safe medical care. Maintenance and inspection of infant incubators are important in order to minimize the impact of such equipment problems on provision of medical care.

Types of Maintenance Check

For safe use of the infant incubator, we recommend that you perform daily and periodic inspections.

Maintenance checks of medical equipment comprise daily and periodic inspections. Performing these inspections on a daily basis and in a planned way ensures efficient operation of the medical equipment and ultimately results in the delivery of safe medical care.

Daily Inspections

Periodic Inspections

  • Inspection
    before Use

    • Visual inspection
    • Operation check
    • Check safety mechanisms


  • Inspection
    during Use

    • Check for interference with objects
    • Check whether the incubator operates as configured
    • Check whether the admittance panels and snap-open access ports are locked


  • Inspection
    after Use

    • Check packings for deterioration
    • Check for loose connections and implementation of adjustment
    • Alarm activation check


  • Periodic

    • Periodic replacement parts
    • Alarm activation check using a simulator
    • Temperature, humidity, and oxygen control tests
    • Check motors, heaters, and fans
    • Test of noise levels in the infant incubator


  • Daily Inspections

    • These types of inspection often require less professional knowledge and skills compared to periodic inspections.
    • Performing daily inspections quickly and efficiently leads to early detection of deterioration of equipment and abnormalities.

    Periodic Inspections

    • Periodic inspections are used to identify electrical and mechanical faults through detailed tests.
    • In addition to inspections, perform calibration of sensors and periodic replacement of consumable parts to maintain performance and help ensure safe operation of the equipment.

Replacement of
Consumable Parts

Replace any parts that are found to be degraded during daily inspections or periodic inspections even when they have not reached the recommended time for periodic replacement.