• Incubator Air Incu i

  • Incubator
    Air Incu i

    Economy-type incubator with a simple function.

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For Babies

  • Air curtain of access port

    Air curtain of access port

    The Air curtain, one of the standard features of the Incubator Air Incu i, prevents the temperature inside of the incubator from decreasing as much as possible, when opening a snap-open access port.

  • Minimal handling

    Minimal handling

    A built-in weight monitor allows the neonate to be weighed inside the incubator. Body weight is measured in 1g increments allowing for slight increases or decreases to easily be identified.

  • Humidity control

    Adjustable humidity control allows up to 95% relative humidity to be produced, meeting humidification requirements.

For Caregivers

  • Hood disassembly

    Hood disassembly

    The hood that can be disassembled with no tool helps to increase the ease of cleaning. Should any part of the hood be broken or damaged, the individual part can be replaced helping to reduce the maintenance costs.

  • Jointless hood structure

    Jointless hood structure

    Jointless hood minimizes the chance that surfaces are left unwiped/unclean. Jointless design ensures a visibility of the inside of the incubator.

  • Parts reduction in the number of packings

    Parts reduction

    Parts that require periodic replacement, such as seals, have been reduced, providing easier maintenance and cleaning.

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Lineup / Technical Data

TypeHL stand typeCabinet stand type
PowerVoltageCustomer specified
ConsumptionMain body: 600VA
HL stand: 120VA
Main body: 600VA
Temperature controlServo-control / Manual control
DimensionsMain bodyW1015 x D665 x H1450-1650mm
(excluding the display)
W1015 x D565 x H1580mm
(excluding the display)
Mattress surfaceH845-1045mmH865-1065mm
(with the weight monitor)
(with the weight monitor)
External displayW220 x D50 x H140mm
MattressW650 x D365 x T20mm
WeightApprox. 82kgApprox. 86kg
(if the unit includes the weight monitor)
Approx. 76.5kgApprox. 80.5kg
(if the unit includes the weight monitor)

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