• Atom Phototherapy Analyzer II

  • Atom Phototherapy Analyzer II

    An instrument measuring both the irradiance useful for phototherapy and the illuminance in the NICU.

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  • Easy measurement even for cradling type.

    Easy measurement of irradiance

    The photoreceiver enables you to easily measure any phototherapy unit such as overhead, cradle or fiber pad type by putting it on the appropriate irradiation surface/angle.

  • Measurement of illuminance (Ix)

    Measurement of illuminance (Ix)

    The surrounding light can be measured and adjusted for Developmental Care of the infant.

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Lineup / Technical Data

Measurable range0.0-999.9μW/cm2/nm
IlluminanceMeasurable range0-9999 lx
DimensionsDisplayW77 x D27 x H140mm
PhotoreceiverW61 x D32 x H47mm
Photoreceiver cable1.2m
Weight280g (without battery cells)

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